A packraft is a small, inflatable boat that can pack up small enough and is light enough to carry in your backpack. This small pack size and minimal weight make packrafts the perfect companion for hikers, bikers and all sorts of other adventurers wanting more freedom to explore.

Not to be confused with cheap pool toys, packrafts are tough and made of durable material. They’re designed to take the bumps and scrapes you can expect from using a boat in wild water. And even better, should something happen, they’re cheap and easy to repair.

With a packraft you have the versatility to mix hiking or biking with rafting in the same trip. They are quick and easy to get ready to use/pack away, requiring just a few minutes to inflate with a special inflation bag and even less time to deflate.

With a packraft, the possibilities for adventures are endless.

The problem is, brand name packrafts generally cost $800 upwards and they are not easy to get hold of in the UK. Add shipping and import tax on top of that $800 and you’ve got yourself a huge investment. IRON RAFT aims to solve this problem by offering our Homemade DIY Packraft Kit at a fraction of the price of a brand name manufactured model.

Our Build Your Own Packraft Kit – dubbed the “Iron Raft” due to ‘ironing it together‘ to build it – is made using comparable materials to the top brands, the main difference is that it isn’t sewn together first, it’s only ironed together. (Don’t worry it’s perfectly strong enough without the sewing.)

No special skills are required to build your own IRON RAFT packraft and unlike many DIY projects out there on the internet, you’ll only need one specialised tool in order to build it, and best of all, it’s affordable.

Of course, building a packraft is not instantaneous. It takes a considerable amount of time and it can be patience testing, it is not for everybody. But for those who enjoy getting hands on and like the challenge of a DIY project, an IRON RAFT DIY Packraft Kit will save you hundreds of pounds and give you a packraft you can proudly say you built yourself.