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About Us

IRON RAFT was born out of the urge to explore the world and experience adventure on a budget. We are a small, independent, UK business dedicated to making packrafting in the UK affordable for everyone.

Originally interested in bicycle touring for it’s small budget travel abilities and versatility to go almost anywhere, we first stumbled upon these awesome little boats around 2014.  For us, a packraft was the perfect partner for the touring bike. A must have for adventurers, and essential for anyone wanting to explore real wilderness independently.

The only downside with packrafting in the UK  is the price. IRON RAFT wants to make packrafting affordable for everyone. This is why we started out by supplying customers with high quality material and the knowledge to build your own homemade packraft. This is where our name ‘IRON RAFT’ comes from, the fact that you need to ‘iron’ the fabrics together to build your DIY IRON RAFT Packraft.

After many years of offering this, we saw a demand for pre-made packrafts that were affordable, but still adventure ready. This is why we introduced The Paddle Ready IRON RAFT in 2023. Despite selling our pre-made IRON RAFTs, we still sell our DIY packrafts too so everybody is given the chance to experience what packrafting can offer.