Behind The Scenes – ‘OWNERSHIP OF ACTIONS’

Scrambling, paragliding, climbing or packrafting, Ed Day seeks the ownership of action through exploring risks in the outdoors. A cost consultant by day, Ed strives for solo adventures around his schedule to acquire freedom, the ability to disconnect and to exercise his knowledge and understanding in mitigating risks in the outdoors.

The first day began with the team assembling at a picturesque launch site in the Lake District. Ed Day, a seasoned paraglider, prepared his equipment, and with a sense of excitement, took off into the skies. The panoramic views from the air were awe-inspiring, allowing Ed to experience the freedom of flight amidst the grandeur of the Lake District’s rolling hills and lakes. Toby Roney captured the exhilaration and tranquility of the paragliding experience, bringing viewers along for the ride through aerial shots captured with a drone.

Once Ed gracefully landed back on solid ground, the team embarked on a challenging yet rewarding hike. The idea here was to capture Ed undergoing a wide selection of activities in a short period of time. We hiked and then setup camp for the night. Due to the stunning conditions we had elevated above the valley floors, Ed decided to unpack his paragliding wing and fly yet again. You can see the two different flights in the short film.

The second day was dedicated to exploring the waterways of the Lake District with the Iron Raft DIY packraft. Lightweight and easy to carry, the packrafts provides Ed with newfound access to remote lakes and rivers that were otherwise inaccessible. Ed and the team navigated the gentle currents, immersing themselves in the tranquility of the water and soaking in the stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains. The Iron Raft packrafts demonstrated their versatility, effortlessly transitioning from water to land. This seamless integration of land and water travel made the adventure all the more captivating.

The short film created by Toby Roney, supported by Iron Raft, and featuring the daring adventures of Ed Day, explores the idea between the mitigation of risk so one can experience the reward. Ed’s journey through the Lake District demonstrated the rewards of venturing into the outdoors, pushing boundaries, and experiencing the beauty of nature firsthand. The adventure serves as a reminder of the incredible wonders that await those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the call of the wild.

Have a watch of Ownership Of Actions below…


Teaming up with OW Productions for IRON RAFT teaser video

We have recently been working with OW Productions to film a couple of short clips showing the pack size and ease of use of the IRON RAFT Self-Build Packraft and also just how fun packrafts are in general! Alastair Humphreys’ description of them always seems to come to mind when talking about how fun they are; “A rubber dinghy for grown-ups” sums it up nicely!

Olly of OW productions had never been in a packraft before we filmed the first clip so it was pretty cool to introduce him to it all and have him take his maiden voyage in the IRON RAFT Self-Build Packraft! That’s Olly in the featured photo above, a happy packrafter/videographer indeed.



The top video is filmed at Three Cliffs Bay in South Wales, a short drive from Swansea. We had previously been tipped off that it would make a great location for a video, so it worked out perfectly when a close friend of both IRON RAFT and OW Productions was getting married just minutes away. The morning after the wedding we headed down to the water and treated ourselves to some packraft therapy, the best kind of headache relief.

It is worth mentioning the fact that we are not using a buoyancy aid in the first video. We had previously scouted out all the water and deemed it not to be necessary. Always remember to access the water and wear appropriate safety equipment!



The bottom video is the result of a google maps search for the nearest river to the OW Productions office. We located this spot about 10 minutes drive away and it just goes to show you don’t have to go far for an adventure. We are using a cheap foot pump in the video, as we were minutes from the car the extra weight and bulk was not an issue, however for trips where every gram counts, consider an inflation bag, they’re also quicker than a foot pump like the one we used in the video so it’s a win, win!




Both videos feature the IRON RAFT Self-Build Packraft prototype made from our DIY Kit. Kits will be on sale this summer and available in olive green with a black floor.

If building your own, ultralight, packable, super versatile boat sounds like something you’d be interested in, please follow us on any of our social media accounts at the bottom of the page for updates of when our products are available for purchase.