Packraft Fabric-How does yours compare?

Compare Our Packraft Fabric To The Top Brand Name Packraft Manufacturers And See For Yourself.

We sell: TPU Coated 210D Nylon. (one side thick TPU, one side extremely thin PU)

The TPU coating is suitably thick and the PU coating extremely thin, this helps the fabric remain flexible. This flexibility helps avoid punctures as the fabric is able to give and warp around any object that comes in to contact, rather than an inflexible fabric which would be more likely to fail.

Before stocking our packraft fabric we personally test the material to ensure it is suitable for making an IRON RAFT homemade packraft.

Due to the high temperatures of heat sealing fabric together, some fabrics on the market of a similar specification are not suitable for heat sealing. You will simply melt the fabric rather than seal it together

All our packrafts are made with our own fabric that we stock here in the UK. They are all made from a form of nylon that has a significantly higher metcing p and we can assure you that they heat seal correctly and do not melt when ironed at the advised temperature.