What Size Packraft Do I Need?


IRON RAFT Self-Build Kits come in S, M and L as standard and XL Kits are made to order.

All Packrafts are approximately 38cm at the widest inside point and approximately 20cm at the narrowest inside point.

Approximate Internal lengths:

Small: 110cm

Medium: 120cm

Large: 130cm

Extra Large: 140cm


For optimum performance your packraft should have a snug fit. For comfort you may want a little extra space.

To gauge what size best suits your needs, sit up square against a wall with your legs out straight.

Measure from the wall to the bottom of your feet.

This measurement will give you a rough idea of what size you will want but will vary depending on the size of your buoyancy aid, shoes/boots, use of a seat/backrest etc.