Heat sealing lets you make a packraft with minimal glue and no sewing

It is certainly one of the east, If not, the easiest way to make a packraft at home.

All our fabrics have a technical coating called thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU).

This coding makes it passible to essentially stick the fabric togather without having to mess around the glue.

The TPL coating can be activated when heated with hot air or an iron . if  you hadn’t guessed already from our name we used an iron.

We do not recommend using a hot air tool as both heat and pressure are required to bond the TPU coatings together. Unless you have a means to apply pressure at the same time as the hot air, an iron is the easier option.

Not only is heat sealing a simple method for the homemade packraft builder, i it is an extremely strong way seal the seams of your packraft.