Which iron do I use? Packraft tools.

A heat sealing iron and some common household items are all that’s needed to build your own homemade packraft

The heat sealing iron you’ll need for your homemade packraft can be purchased in the UK relatively cheaply.

To make our prototypes we began using a Clover Mini Iron 11, however we found the iron struggled to maintain the required temperature and we would not recommend this model for making a self-build packraft (at least in the UK as it is only 25W here

We have since used both the Jamara Pro Star iron and the Erolux Digital iron. We’ve had far more consistent results heat sealing with both of them, although ir should be mentioned they are far larger and slightly inconvenient to work on the smaller seans and tight areas. This is where this Smaller Electrictron comes in it maintains its temperature well, making it a brilliant iron for the seam strips and the tight areas

Whatever heat sealing iron you use, ensure it can reach 220 degrees and can continuously operate around this temperature as this is the approximate temperature required to activate our TPU fabrics

Size is also an important aspect and the mon head must be small enough to work on small team lines. For this reason, a household iron is not suitable.

The only other tools you’ll need to make your homemade packraft are a pair of scissors, Some sticky tape and a curved surface such as best for draping the fabne over for the tube seams.