Heat Sealable Fabric Offcuts

Offcuts of our Black 420D, Olive Green 210D, Orange 210D and Blue 210D.

Bag of multiple smaller offcuts, or one large offcut.





These fabric offcuts are a random selection of both size, type of fabric and colour. They vary in size, you could receive a bag of smaller offcuts or a single large offcut.

Offcuts may have slight streaking or markings on. There is no guarantee in what is in the bag or what fabric you receive. But do tell us what you’d prefer in the order details and we’ll see what we can do.

We are selling these to prevent the offcuts from going into landfill.

Commonly asked questions.

Which iron do I use for heat-sealing? 

We have used both the Jamara Pro Star iron and the Prolux Digital Iron. We’ve had far more consistent results heat sealing with both of them, although it should be mentioned they are far larger and slightly inconvenient to work on the smaller seams and tight areas. This is where this Smaller Electric Iron comes in, it maintains its temperature well, making it a brilliant iron for tight areas.

All of the above irons will be suitable for heat sealing. Whichever  heat sealing iron you use, ensure it can reach 220 degrees and can continuously operate around this temperature as this is the approximate temperature required to activate our TPU fabrics.

What is heat-sealing?

All our fabrics have a technical coating called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This coating makes it possible to essentially stick the fabric together without having to mess around with glue! The TPU coating can be activated when heated with hot air or an iron. If you hadn’t guessed already from our name- we use an iron. Take a look here for more information on ‘what heat-sealing is’.


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Heat Sealable Fabric Offcuts