Homemade DIY Packraft Deluxe Kit – The OLIVE GREEN IRON RAFT


Classic Packraft Design Optimised for Building at Home

Pre Cut High Quality Fabric Ready to Heat Seal Together

TPU /PU Coated Nylon 210D Tubes, 420D Floor

Inflation Bag

2 X 28g Aquasure Urethane Glue

Colour, matt Olive Green



Our DIY Packraft Kit makes it possible to build your own packraft at home.

The Deluxe kit includes:

Pre-cut tube and floor fabric

Pre marked construction points/lines

Pre-cut seam fabric

Valve sealing fabric (requires cutting)

Floor reinforcement strip fabric (requires cutting)

1 Boston valve

2 X 28g Aquasure Urethane glue

1 Inflation Bag (RRP: £20)

Iron on Iron Raft logo

DIY Packraft Deluxe Kit Homemade | The OLIVE GREEN IRON RAFT


Classic packraft design optimised for building at home

Asymmetric hull

Slightly upturned bow

Elongated stern

210D TPU/PU coated Nylon Tubes

420D TPU/PU coated Nylon Floor

Oversized floor reinforcement strips

Sizing and weight:

All sizes have an inside width at the seated position of 38cm. Not sure what size you require, check out our sizing guide.

Approximate inside lengths: Small: 110cm  |  Medium: 120cm  |  Large: 130cm

Approximate weights : Small: 1800g  |  Medium: 1900g  | Large: 2000g

Essential items required to build this kit:

A heat sealing iron (Jamara Pro Star, Prolux Digital or this Smaller Electric Iron)


A heat proof work surface

A rounded surface to assist in sealing the curved seams.

Baby powder

Baking paper

Extras for your Iron Raft:

We offer attachment loops and strap tiedowns, which can be glued onto the tubes with a suitable adhesive.  Take a look here for the two types of tiedowns we offer.

You can also attach a TIZIP SuperSeal 50cm Airtight Zipper to your Iron Raft; great for additional storage and for making easy repairs on your raft when needed.

Other things to note:

Moreover we highly recommend practicing your heat sealing technique before attempting to make one of our DIY Packraft Kit.

Our heat sealable fabric can be purchased from our shop by the metre to practice with and give you the confidence to begin heat sealing.

Due to the manufacturing process the TPU surface may show streaking. However this does not affect the performance of the product.

Additionally all fabric pieces are hand cut and may require minor alterations throughout assembly.

All instructional material is available on the IRON RAFT website and no physical instructions are included in the kit.



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Additional information

Weight 100 kg

Small, Medium, Large