Packraft Tiedowns

Loop, D-Ring and Strap Tiedowns

To be glued on, self installation

Great for securing cargo to your packraft such as bags, bikes and alike.

50mm Loop Tiedown Weight – 8g

25mm Loop Tiedown Weight – 5g

D-Ring Tiedowns Weight – 12g

Strap Tiedown Weight – 4g



We have 50mm Loop, 25mm Loop, D-Ring and Strap Packraft Tiedowns in stock. All are a great addition to an Iron Raft Packraft Build for securing cargo such as backpacks, bikes and alike!

  • 50mm Loop Tiedown – have a fabric loop attached to the plate, to clip items to or run lines through.

  • 25mm Loop Tiedown – have a fabric loop attached to the plate, to clip items to or run lines through.

  • D-Ring Tiedowns – have a 35mm stainless steel d-ring attached the webbing.

  • Strap Tiedown – have a slot to run lines or belts through, also allows you to secure luggage closer to your raft.

When installing your tiedowns we suggest doing so when you Iron Raft is built, this helps with the placing of each tiedown. Ensure when installing them that you aren’t sticking them where they may get in the way of your paddle stroke. Take a look below for our suggestions of where you may want to think about installing some tiedowns.

Packraft Tiedowns Loop and Strap Packraft Tiedowns | Iron Raft

Please note: The Aquasure that comes with our DIY Iron Raft Packraft Kit, and the Aquasure that we sell on our store is NOT a suitable adhesive for attaching these tiedowns to your raft. It will not be strong enough to hold these on when they’re under stress.

We suggest using the following: Inflatable Boat PVC Adhesive

You can buy this online, and from the U.K. meaning there won’t be an issue with postage (if you’re U.K. based of course). If you are based in Europe, and cannot get access to these easily, try ‘Helaplast adhesive’.


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