Removable Packraft Skeg

Iron Raft Packraft Removable Skeg

Weight: 100g

Colour: Black

Heavily reduces yawing, and increases paddling efficiency!




Our Iron Raft removable packraft skeg is designed to be lightweight and long lasting. Packrafts do tend to turn in when paddling. A skeg reduced yawing when you paddle, increasing your paddling efficiency. Do take care in shallow waters, as there is a risk in catching, meaning you can damage both your packraft and skeg.

Written instructions on how to fit your skeg to your Iron Raft are included with your purchase. Please note that you will need both the attachment piece and inflatable boat adhesive to use the skeg.


Length: 26.08cm

Depth: 10.02cm from base plate

Weight: 100g (without attachment patch)

Essential items required to attach your skeg:

The Aquasure that comes with our DIY Iron Raft Packraft Kit, and the Aquasure that we sell on our store is NOT a suitable adhesive for attaching these tiedowns to your raft. It will not be strong enough to hold these on when they’re under stress.

We suggest using the following: Inflatable Boat PVC Adhesive

You can buy this online, and from the U.K. meaning there won’t be an issue with postage (if you’re U.K. based of course). If you are based in Europe, and cannot get access to these easily, try ‘Helaplast adhesive’.

If you need any other packraft accessories, follow the link.

How to attach your skeg to your Iron Raft:

You will need the Inflatable Boat PVC Adhesive mentioned above.

Mark where you will attach your skeg to your Iron Raft. Fitting your skeg to the centred stern (rear) of your packraft will be most beneficial to your paddling stroke efficiency.  We would recommend using the attachment piece as an outline and marking where it will go with a non permanent pen.

Following the instructions on the adhesive’s tin, apply the boat adhesive to the attachment piece, on the area shown in blue below. Ensure that you avoid applying adhesive within the white dotted area, shown below. Then apply the adhesive to the area you marked on your Iron Raft, following the same rules as before; ensure you do not glue inside the white dotted area where your attachment piece will be fitted.

Place the skeg attachment piece in the pre-marked area on the bottom rear of your Iron Raft, adhesive to adhesive. We suggest weighting your attachment piece down on a flat surface to aid bonding between the adhesive. Leave to dry, as per the adhesive’s instructions (usually 24 hours before use). After the drying period, your skeg attachment piece is ready to be used – take your skeg and slide it into the attachment piece so that you know how it is used when you’re next out paddling.


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Removable Packraft Skeg
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