RUK Sport Moray 4 Piece Paddle

A budget friendly paddle.

Splits into 4 pieces for easy transportation.

Supplied with Drip Rings and integrated hand grip.

Blade Design: Asymmetric

Length: 230cm

Weight: 1240g



A budget friendly 4 piece paddle, perfect to get your out on the water.  Although this product is not as durable as other models on the market, the 4 piece for easy storage, drip rings, integrated hand grips and the affordable price is the perfect model for those who want to start their packrafting adventures.

Material P/P and F/G mounted on a 32 mm aluminium shaft. Polypropylene blades. Blade Design: Asymmetric | Length: 230cm | Weight: 1240g

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommended these for white water use.

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