The Paddle Ready + IRON RAFT

Weight: 3.7kg (3.9kg with TIZIP) Lightweight and small pack size!

Classic Packraft Design with spraydeck

Ready to paddle out the box!

Designed in the UK 🇬🇧

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We are proud to release our Paddle Ready + IRON RAFT, designed to suit a whole range of packrafting adventures; bikepacking, hiking, fishing and multi-day packrafting expeditions. Unlike our DIY IRON RAFTs which are designed with the self-build process at the centre of design, our Paddle Ready + is designed with versatility for your packrafting adventures in mind. There is no stitching, ironing or glueing needed, the Paddle Ready + IRON RAFT is ready to paddle straight out the box!

Designed in the UK 🇬🇧 and built with the latest production equipment.

The difference between the Paddle Ready and Paddle Ready + is the removable spray deck that is built into the Paddle Ready + design. A removable spraydeck on a packraft is a detachable cover that seals the cockpit, preventing water from entering during paddling. It offers versatility, allowing users to choose when to use it based on conditions or preferences. However, it’s important to note that a removable spraydeck is not a substitute for a dedicated whitewater spraydeck.

The Design:

  • Lightweight and small pack size
  • Versatility in your adventures!
  • No heat sealing, nor stitching required

The Paddle Ready + IRON RAFT includes:

Fabric and Construction:

The Paddle Ready IRON RAFT is made from TPU coated Nylon material, just like the ones you can purchase on our shop!  These TPU coated fabrics are UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, resistant to low temperature and ageing. The tubes are made of 210D Nylon with a TPU coating on the outside, and the flooring is constructed using a thicker 840D Nylon with a TPU coating on both sides.

The seams are stronger than the fabrics itself due to the fact that they have been both sewn, and heat welded together. Each Paddle Ready IRON RAFT is inflated before shipment to test for leaks.

What is a TIZIP? A TIZIP allows you to have access to the inside of your packraft, allowing you to store gear and make easy repairs!


Weight (including inflatable seat and backrest)

Weight including TIZIP (including inflatable seat and backrest)

3700 grams

3900 grams

Sitting length (How do I measure my sitting length?) 1350 mm
Outer length 2760 mm
Outer width 940 mm
Inner length 1450 mm
Inner width 370 mm
Weight Capacity 200 kg

Website images and colour reproduction:

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The Paddle Ready + IRON RAFT
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