TIZIP SuperSeal 50cm Airtight Zipper


TIZIP SuperSeal 50cm Airtight Zipper

Operating temperature: -30 to 80 degree celsius

Weight: 82g

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications

Store gear and make easy repairs on your packraft!

Instructions on how to fit your TIZIP to your Iron Raft can be found here.




As the TIZIP SuperSeal 50cm Zipper is closed, the sealing lips above and below the coil are pressed together to ensure a pressure resistance of 700 mbar. In fact, the TIZIP® SuperSeal’s mechanical design ensures that the sealing lips are pressed more tightly together when the zipper is exposed to transverse tensile forces, which helps enhance its sealing strength. The zipper is highly resistant to damage caused by dirt or sand. However if dirt or sand is present, make sure you clean it with soap, water and perhaps even a fine brush if needed. Dirt can affect the sealing function if grit gets in.

Your TIZIP® can be installed on your already built raft, as well as your dissembled Iron Raft, prior to building. Take a look at our Iron Rafts here.

Tube of silicone lubricant is included, along with 210D coloured fabric of your choice to attach the TIZIP to your Iron Raft. Take a look at the different colour options for the 210D fabric here.

Instructions on how to fit your TIZIP to your Iron Raft can be found here.


Zipper length: 500mm

Width: 70mm

Ends: 25mm

Essential items required to build this kit:

Please note:

The TIZIP SuperSeal 50cm Zipper can be very tough to undo when you first get them, this is normal! Before installing, open and close it a few times, then after installation apply the supplied lubricant and it will loosen up. When you receive your TIZIP please handle with care prior to installation. We package them in bubble wrap to prevent damage and bending whilst on their way to you.


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Additional information

Weight 2.62 kg
Colour of 210D fabric to attach TIZIP to Iron Raft.

Olive Green, Orange, Blue, Not required