How much weight can I carry in an IRON RAFT DIY Packraft?

When you take into account the volume of air in the tubes and the volume of air in the cockpit area of the boat- it would take a huge load to sink one of our DIY Packrafts.

In reality it doesn’t work like this and you’d have some serious handling problems before you got to that stage.

IRON RAFT DIY Packrafts are designed to more or less float on top of the water.

This means the more weight you load into/onto it, the worse your boat will handle and it will become increasingly difficult to paddle.

For an agile boat we recommend limiting your luggage to 25kg.

We recommend you never exceed loading you boat with more than 150KG in total. (You+luggage)

Although our IRON RAFT DIY Packrafts vary in size the difference in buoyancy is minimal between the models and the figures above apply to all our Packraft Kits.