What is Packrafting?

Packrafting is not one set thing, it can can take many forms.

It’s all about having that potential to travel by water stored away just waiting to be utilised. A packraft is a tool.

Here are some examples of how you can enjoy your packraft:

Hiking and paddling- This is packrafting in it’s truest form. Hike until you come across some water, jump into your packraft and go. Biking and paddling AKA Bikerafting-Bike until you get to some water, strap the bike onto the front of the boat and off you go.

Skiing and paddling-You get the idea. Particularly good for accessing ski spots that might otherwise be impossible to get to

Driving and paddling Keep your packraft in your car boot and whenever you come across somewhere you fancy a paddle just inflate it and off you go. It

certainly beats messing around putting a kayak on the roof!

Motorbiking and paddling Want to travel by motorbike to your paddling location, no problem. Alpine lake fishing-Packrafts are great for this because how else would you get a boat to some of these remote lakes

Extended adventures and Expeditions For the more adventurous among us, make a packraft part of your planned adventure Cross a mountain range. why not cross an entire country. The possibilities are literally endless with a packraft.