420D Heat sealable TPU Coated Nylon. BLACK.

420 Denier Oxford weave

High Melting Point Nylon

TPU coated one side and PU coated the other

146 cm Usable width (sold by the metre)

Please get in contact if you wish to order more than 2 metres – info@iron-raft.co.uk



In addition to making your own homemade DIY packraft, this TPU Black Nylon can also be used for many other homemade adventure products. From cycle bags/panniers to waterproof stuffbags/dry bags. Abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, resistant to low temperature and ageing. Can be heat-sealed to be completely airtight as well as waterproof.

  • High Melting Point Nylon
  • 420 Denier Oxford weave
  • TPU coated one side and PU coated the other
  • 146 cm Usable width

All orders are approximately 1.48 metres wide (usable width) – Select the quantity for the length (in metres) you require.

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Please note: Due to the manufacturing process, the TPU surface may show streaking. Although this does not affect the performance of the product.

Commonly asked questions.

Which iron do I use for heat-sealing? 

What is heat sealing? 

    • All our fabrics have a technical coating called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This coating makes it possible to essentially stick the fabric together without having to mess around with glue! The TPU coating can be activated when heated with hot air or an iron.


TPU Nylon 66 Heat Sealable Fabric UK packraft shop420D Heat sealable TPU Coated Nylon. BLACK.