Top-Up Valve


Suitable for inflating/ deflating small projects like a packraft seat or back rest.

Two sizes to choose from*: 40mm or 100mm

Same easy installation as a boston valve!



Install this valve as a means of inflating and deflating smaller inflatable projects by mouth. Installation can be one by following the same procedure as installing one of our Boston Valves – video instruction.

Please note that we are currently testing whether these are suitable for installation onto our Iron Rafts. We would like to test the pressure first before stating that these can be used along side our rafts.


  • Large: 100mm long*
  • Small: 40mm long*
  • Diameter of base: 32mm
  • Outer diameter of tube: 14mm
  • Diameter of mouth piece: 11mm

*Measured from the centre of where the stem meets the base, to the beginning of the white nozzle.


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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Small 40mm, Large 100mm